What is Candida?

Written by: Michelle Rivers

What is candida?


What is Candida? Candida is a fungus that is found naturally in our body.

It is present in skin, gut, rectum, vagina and mouth. The fungus faces competition from probiotic bacteria and other natural flora in these places.

This helps maintain the required balance thereby keeping the fungus under control.

However, if this balance is disrupted due to any reason, overgrowth occurs resulting into candiasis.


Problems caused by Candida


Candida overgrowth can result into candiasis or thrush.

This infection can develop in any part of the body, including blood and genital organs.

Most common of them all is the vaginal candiasis that affects almost 75% women in the world.

But, other candida infections are also not uncommon and include oral infection or oral thrush, skin infection or intetrigo, blood yeast infection and other systemic yeast infections in people with compromised immunity, like those suffering from Cancer and AIDS.

The blood and Systemic yeast infections can be quite dangerous and should be immediately consulted with a doctor.


How to stop Candida


The first thing that you need to understand is you don't have to get rid of this fungus completely.

It is an essential part of our survival and remains naturally present in harmless condition.

You just have to get rid of the infection, i.e. candida overgrowth. These five tips would help you succeed in your purpose.


1. Eat foods that do not promote overgrowth of this fungus


There are some foods that create conducive conditions for Candida in the gut.

They contain carbohydrates and sugar in large amount that forms the perfect base for growth of this fungus.candida diet

While having an infection, you should avoid eating such foods which include sweets, baked goods, pasta and processed foods.

In fact, you should try to avoid dairy products, caffeine, nicotine, wheat and even alcohol.

There are some foods that can help you fight the infection and you can include them in your diet.

Yogurt contains probitics and garlic, ginger, onion, broccoli, radish and asparagus have antifungal properties that keep Candida in check.


Quick Tip: Click here for the exact recipes, foods list to manage your yeast


2. Maintain hygiene


Hygiene is crucial to avoid Candida infection, especially external infection, like on the skin or on the genitals, both male and female.

You need to take bath, dry yourself properly and wear cotton clothes most of the time.

Remember, Candida prefers moist and warm places, so do not provide home to this fungus by being careless or maintaining poor hygiene.


3. Avoid stress

Stress is one of major causes for a weaker immune system.

Weaker immune system means there is no one to check the growth of Candida.

This overgrowth ultimately leads to infection.

You should try to avoid stress and for that you can join stress management classes.

Best way to beat stress is take a relaxing bath, indulge in your favorite passion and exercise regularly.




4. Avoid using chemicals and antibodies

Many of us simply resort to antibiotic medicines and ointments upon encountering any type of infection.

This approach can be useless or even harmful in case of Candida.

You should not become dependent on antibiotics rather give your body immune system a chance to fight back.

Also, overuse of these antibiotics can disrupt the fine balance of these probiotic bacteria and yeast in your body, causing their uncontrolled proliferation and resulting infection.


5. Keep your immune system robust


A weaker immune system gives rise to various problems including yeast infection.

You should try to keep your immunity in the top gear to avoid these infections.

Eating healthy food, avoiding stress and regular exercises can help you in this regard.

While we have discussed the importance of stress management already, the important of exercising and healthy food cannot be ignored.

Foods like apples, oranges, grapes, spinach, broccoli and tea contain antioxidants and other elements that can boost your immunity.

Regular exercising keeps your body metabolism in check, thereby enhancing your immune system. Better immunity not only stops Candida, but also reduces the chances of developing the infection.

These five tips will help you keep Candida in control and prevent it from becoming an infection.

But, you just don't have to bear the nuisance all along.

If you are having a crisis situation, there is no problem in getting help from Linda Allen's Yeast Infection No More.

Also, Candida infection in some parts of the body, like blood, can be fatal, if ignored for long.

In such cases you need to consult your health care professional immediately.


Michelle Rivers is the founder of yeastinfectionnaturaltreatmenthq.com. You can find her on Google+ . Over the last 5 years Michelle has dedicated herself to helping out others who are fighting to get rid of their Candidiasis yeast infection with tips, resources and helpful information.


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