5 Ways To Diagnose Oral Candidiasis

Posted by: Michelle Rivers

Oral candidiasis is a common fungal infection normally referred as oral thrush, oropharyngeal candidiasis, moniliasis, candida stomatitis or muguet. This oral fungus is a mycosis, frequently known as a yeast infection.

Candida albicansis the most usual implicated organism in this condition; it is conceded in over 50% of the world’s population and is part of the normal components of the oral microbiata.oral candidiasis

The reasons for its appearance can vary in many different situations; some can include denture wearing, dry mouth, poor diet, smoking, using antibiotics amongst others.

Babies and elderly people are more inclined to have oral candidiasis because of their immune systems are not as strong. Here are five ways to diagnose oral candidiasis and seek medical attention:


1) Oral examination


If you have white or whitish-yellow patches in the mouth that resemble milk curds it is very likely that you have oral candidiasis.

This symptom is the most common physical form to find out if you have oral candidiasis. Another stage is redness or bleeding under these whitish patches.

Bleeding may occur after prolonged time with the patches without treating them.


2) Pain in the tongue


Aside from this past effect you might experience an acute pain in the mouth. Aside from bleeding you will find that your mouth might have tearing’s on the corners, or cracks that will be very delicate to touch.

With this you might have the sensation that your tongue is on fire and its color will gradually shift to a reddish hue.

The pain may be dimmed by taking painkillers but the symptoms will continue to grow if not treated properly.




3) Taste changes


You might experience that when you eat you will have trouble tasting the food that you normally consume. Taste will not be as bright because the receptors in your tongue are basically clogged up with the yeast infection.

With this you find it very painful to swallow. This pain can be as extreme to lead you to not eat, and which you should seek medical attention as quickly as possible.

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4) Denture problems


This can be a problem a real problem because it can be mixed up with many other symptoms.

Swelling under the dentures is a common diagnose for several other oral related diseases, for which you have to be very acute to examine for other symptoms.


5) Mouth culture


The ultimate way to be completely certain if you have oral candidiasis is to go to a doctor and have a Mouth culture. Though it is very likely that the he will be able to diagnose oral candidiasis simply from a oral checkup and a few routine questions.

Still, mouth culture is a test which will allow the doctors to know exactly what kind of fungus is causing the ailment. This is done by a rubbing a cotton swab on one of the patches and checking it under the microscope.

Another way is by doing a biopsy, which is only done in extreme cases. The caregiver removes a small piece of tissue from the patches and it is sent to a lab for tests.

In many cases, you will need stitches to close the biopsy wound caused by this treatment. Biopsy is used in extreme cases to rule out more serious problems such as cancer.


Oral candidiasis can be avoided by keeping a clean mouth. Regular dental hygiene and the use of a tongue scrubber can prevent oral candidiasis as well as many other infection related diseases. Regular checkups with your doctor and/or orthodontist can prevent this any many other problems.

Michelle Rivers is the founder of yeastinfectionnaturaltreatmenthq.com. You can find her on Google+ . Over the last 5 years Michelle has dedicated herself to helping out others who are fighting to get rid of their Candidiasis yeast infection with tips, resources and helpful information.

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